NEXVAP creates “R-Evolutionary lifestyle device” for medical drugs and nicotine replacement therapies. NEXVAP needs to raise 13 to 15 million euros over a three year period to sustain its development.

  • Many people worldwide are severely affected by smoking related diseases – Cigarette market declines continuously in favour of E-cigarette growth
  • Others are impacted by the use of cumbersome medical devices to inhale medicines
    – Medical respiratory device market growth is limited by lack of products innovationBusiness Opportunity

• Turning smoking cessation & drug inhalation into an enjoyable and safer habit is key – E-cigarette market expected to grow to $ 50 bn in 2025 and Nicotine Replacement

Therapy market estimated to reach $ 22 bn in 2024
– All-in-one inhalator will expand the scope of medicines administration


Developing and selling consumer-focused, life-style oriented devices
for fast and deep lung deposition of nicotine for Nicotine Replacement Therapies and medically approved drugs

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