HARDAH is your new online dashboard, the new generation of graphical user interface that redefines your web experience with a unique and elegant design. It’s the new web surfing revolution!

Our mission is to let users shape their Internet. Our three core values are: Innovation, Elegance and Simplicity. This website is available in its beta version since December 9th 2015. HARDAH 1.0 was released in late October 2016. HARDAH is a swiss company based in Geneva.

Origin of the name HARDAH: the two «h» from «harmony» and «arda» from Tolkien’s books. Arda is the name of the Earth in his work. “Arda” is there to symbolize the circles.

Any suggestions, questions or ideas? Feel free to contact us! We value your opinion. HARDAH 1.0 was for example created thanks to the feedbacks of our beta users.



About Author

Bérengère Miffon

Bérengère est active dans la communication depuis plus de 10 ans. Ses diverses expériences en Suisse et à l'international en communication institutionnelle, communication de marque et de service, stratégie digitale et communication de start-up lui permettent aujourd'hui d'avoir une vision globale et efficace de la communication et du travail de chef de projet qu'elle est heureuse de mettre au service du Réseau.

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